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Photovoltaic reverse power monitoring device (anti-reverse flow device)

Reverse power monitoring device TC-3069

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1.TC-3069 reverse power monitoring device In addition to the function of reverse power and reverse power recovery, in the operation of the system, the device constantly monitors the bus voltage and current measurement, with abnormal current and voltage alarm function, the Settings are as follows:

       (1) The device is 100% switched on and off for the first time

       (2) Reverse power trip

       (3) Reverse power recovery closing

       (4) overload alarm

       (5) Overvoltage alarm

       (6) Low voltage alarm

       (7)PT break alarm

       (8) Measurement: U, I, P, Q, cosΦ, F

       The above functions have control word input or exit, convenient for users to adjust。

2. Main features of reverse power monitoring device TC-3069

       2.1 TC-3069 device can be centrally assembled or dispersed on the high voltage switchgear,Each interval functions independently,The devices are connected only by a network,Information sharing,This makes the whole system not only flexible,And its reliability has also been greatly improved,The failure of any one device affects only one local component。

       2.2 device adopts high performance processor and high resolution A/D converter, weekly wave 32 point sampling, combined with special measurement CT, to ensure the high precision of remote measurement。

       2.3 The protection function does not depend on the communication network at all, and the failure of the network does not affect the normal operation of the protection。

       2.4 The device adopts a fully sealed design, coupled with well-designed anti-interference components, so that the anti-vibration ability, anti-electromagnetic interference ability has been greatly improved。

       2.5 Designed with hardware and software dual watchdog function, so that the whole system has a high measurement accuracy and anti-interference ability。

       2.6 Friendly man-machine interface, the device adopts the Chinese large-screen LCD display, trip report, alarm report, remote message, telemetry, set value setting, etc. are clearly marked in Chinese characters on the LCD, easy for users to use and master。

       2.7 Communication mode adopts controller area network interface (or 485 interface),Its characteristics are: simple structure,There are only two wires connected to the outside;Transmission speed up to 19200bps;Transmission distance up to 1KM;CRC testing is adopted and error handling capability can be provided.Using non-destructive bus arbitration technology,The station communication has high efficiency and anti-interference ability。



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