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Power quality monitoring device

Power quality monitoring device TC-100B

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       TC-100B power quality monitoring device is a new generation product of our company,It can monitor and analyze the 2-30 harmonic wave of the voltage and current of the bus and line in the power grid in real time,It can give alarm to harmonic overreach,The data is uploaded to the background monitoring system through the RS485 or RS232 communication interface,Meet the user's monitoring requirements for power quality。 

       The device is widely used in power supply system of power plants, substations, petroleum, coal, iron and steel, metallurgy, chemical industry and other large factories and mining enterprises with various voltage levels from 380V to 220kV。

2. Functions and characteristics

       Advanced industrial-grade central processing unit is adopted, which has the advantages of fast operation speed, stable working state and strong anti-interference performance。

       The device adopts frequency automatic locking technology, when the system frequency changes, the device can still get the correct analysis result。

       Based on the principle of fast Fourier transform, the calculation results are fast and accurate, and the basic wave voltage, current and total harmonic distortion rate of power lines can be monitored daily。

       Man-machine interface is friendly, Chinese character display, simple and intuitive operation。

       The device can record 60 out-of-limit records。

3. Technical parameters

       3.1 Environmental Requirements

       Indoor use, ventilation should be good 。

       Ambient temperature: -10℃ ~ +50℃

       Relative humidity: less than 90%, no condensation 。

       Atmospheric pressure: 80 ~ 110Kpa 。

       海拔高度:< 2000m 。

       The surrounding medium is free of conductive dust, corrosive gases and molds that cause metal or insulation damage。

       3.2 Technical Parameters

       Power supply: AC/DC220V (if there are special requirements, please specify when ordering), power consumption ≤20W。

       Signal measurement range: Voltage: 5~450V;PT loop power consumption 0.5VA/ phase。

       电流:0.06A ~6A;CT loop power consumption 0.5VA/ phase。

       Communication interface: RS232/485 (232 is the manufacturer's debugging port, 485 is the communication port)

       Baud rate 600 ~ 19200bps。

       Communication Protocol: Internal Protocol Interface (232)。

       103 Protocol /modbus (485)。


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